ISO 50001 Certification

ISO 50001

Energy management systems ISO 50001 certification

What is ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 Energy management standard have been developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to provide organizations of any size and from various industry sectors, general framework for management and improvement of their energy performance. The standard is the most popular energy management standard and worldwide recognized.

ISO 50001 standard describes the requirements for the establishment, implementation and improvement of an energy management system and optimization of related energy costs and its efficiency. ISO 50001 is based on the management system model of continual improvement likewise well know quality management standard ISO 9001 or as well ISO 14001 and therefore there is smooth and efficient option to integrate Energy management into already existing or even already by bqs. certified quality management system.

Why to be certified according to ISO 50001?

By being certified you show your binding commitment to continual improvement and energy responsible approaches and policies followed within your organization. Certification by bqs. is objective prove before your customers, competitors, partners or even regulators that effectively manage and control your energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance energy and even environmental performance. Empower your brand and assurance your are greener and responsible company simply by bqs. certification. Lower energy costs, enhance energy and economic efficiency.

By bqs. third party certification and regular supervision performed by our auditors and experts demonstrate to each party, your commitment to control your energy consumption, control impacts on environment and ensure legal compliance and improvements in energy performance. Do not waste time and apply for bqs. certification to be trusted company.

Choose bqs. as your certification body

  • Pool of qualified energy management auditors and related technical experts
  • Years of experience in conduction of quality management audits
  • Professional independent approach to each client ensuring credibility and sustainability of bqs. certification body
  • Objective feedback on the effectiveness of the quality management system
  • Confidence in compliance with applicable national regulations
  • Weak areas early identification, detection of noncompliance and areas requiring attention
  • Detection of areas of non-compliance and possible risk
  • Reporting and certification that is valuable and recognized

Benefits of ISO 50001 certification

  • Universality of ISO 50001 standards enable its implementation to any sector and organization and fully integrated management system
  • Support of energy consumption monitoring and control of CO2 emissions
  • Enhancing social and environmental responsibility, promote greener brand and responsible organization
  • By efficient energy control, take a part on pollution reduction, energy consumption control and prevent unintended discharges to the environment
  • Support and improvement of organization resources needs management and cost reductions
  • Customers satisfaction about products, service and corporate culture
  • Secure competitive advantages through lower energy costs
  • ISO 50001 certification opens new markets, tenders, business opportunities and improve market accessibility as a worldwide recognized energy management standard
  • Ensures position within supplier list of your customers and maintain competitive advantage
  • Reduces production costs by regulate third party auditing and identification of weak points in your management system

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How to achieve certification according to ISO 50001?

Certification to ISO 50001 consists of several steps prior we are able to grant you certificate as a result of compliance with all applicable requirements of ISO 50001 standard or/and other relevant regulations and national requirements.

The steps to ISO 50001 certification

  • Pre audit and gap analysis Voluntary activity performed prior the formal assessment activities. We will challenge your implemented energy management system against the all applicable requirements set by ISO 50001 standard, in order to have a closer look over your system, facilities, equipment, energy sources and processes, identify and determine all possible gaps in compliance and analyze potential risks and opportunities for improvement. Based on the status of organization`s readiness to comply with ISO 50001 the assessment activities will be planned.
  • Off-site assessment before we take a on-site visit related to conformity assessment, our auditors will review your energy management documentation, applicable requirements and sector regulations, procedures and controls over processes you have implemented. All in order to get familiar with specific aspects of energy efficiency and its management in order to found strong and weak points in management system.
  • Stage one audit and stage two audits Audit teams will challenge your energy management system, process controls, infrastructure, staff and other resources and determined their compliance with applicable ISO 50001 requirements. All findings identified during the stages will be communicated with your organization and subsequent actions verified.
  • Certification body decision On the basis of audit team recommendation certification body will take a decision related to issuance of certification. In the case you prove an ability to meet requirements of ISO 50001 energy management system standard.
  • Post certification activities In order to prove continuous compliance with ISO 50001, bqs. as your certification body will annually perform surveillance audits over your facilities and energy management system in order to verify your commitment to continuous requirements compliance.

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