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bqs impartiality declaration and commitment

bqs, its management and employees responsible for carrying out conformity assessment tasks shall not and are not designers, manufacturers, competitors, suppliers, installers, purchasers of products which they assess, nor the authorized representative of any of those parties. At the same time the conformity assessment bodies, its management and employees responsible for carrying out the conformity assessment tasks are not directly involved in the design, manufacture or construction, the marketing, installation, use or maintenance of those products, nor represent the parties engaged in these activities. We do not participate in any activities which could affect our independence of judgement or integrity in relation to conformity assessment activities which are within the scope of our services. This applies in particular for consultancy services and no party of our company provide consultancy, what would be against applicable requirements.

The conformity assessment bodies and their personnel carry out conformity assessment activities with the highest level of professional integrity and requisite technical competencies in the specific field and are not under any pressures and inducements particularly link to financial, commercial, family, friendly, competitive, and other aspects, which might influence our judgement or results of conformity assessment activities, especially from persons or groups of persons with an interest in the outcome of these activities. The conformity assessment bodies, their management and staff responsible for carrying out the conformity assessment tasks shall not, and did not, in the past 3 years:

  • engage in any activities that could affect their independence of judgement or integrity in relation to conformity assessment activities for which they have been appointed
  • offer or provide the services which may affect confidence in their independence, impartiality or objectivity
  • offer or provide, respectively did not offer or were not responsible for advisory services intended to the manufacturer, his authorized representative, contractors or business competitors, in terms of the requirements of European union in the field of design, construction, marketing or maintenance of the products and methods which are the subject of the assessment.

Conformity assessment bodies and their personnel carry out the conformity assessment activities with the highest degree of professional integrity and the requisite technical competence in the specific field and are free from all pressures and inducements, particularly financial, which might influence their judgement or the results of their conformity assessment activities, especially as regards persons or groups of persons with an interest in the results of those activities.

 Within our impartiality policy and activities supporting its protection we conduct risk assessment on regular basis and prior each assessment project to identify and analyse any potential threats and take appropriate actions to secure impartiality and trust in our conformity assessment results. For this purpose, independent impartiality committee is established in order to deal with all identified threats if its required. Conflict of interest and impartiality breach is further covered by regular impartiality review, declarations, and contractually binding agreements, to ensure all assessment and certification activities are conducted independently.

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