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Certification and conformity assessment service of products

CE marking

Since year 1985 CE marking on products is reference a manufacturer or an importer claim the product is in compliance with applicable European directive. As a mandatory requirement for certain products intended to be placed on European market, CE marking is recognizable worldwide.


Medical devices determined by classification rules of European parliament and council directive 93/42/EEC are intended to undergo CE marking proces defined by one of the described conformity assessment routes. 


In Vitro diagnostic medical devices are regulated by European parliament and council directive 98/79/EC and similary as for medical devices, the directive defines conformity assessment routes options. List A, list B and devices for self-testing are intended to be assessed by notified body.

Organic product

Organic product and organic production? Trust is powerfull but build it and prove it on the piliers of our independent assessment and inspections. By our supervision consumers over the world will be always sure about what they get. Prove compliance with European council regulation 834/2007 and assure your customers by our certification and inspection activities.

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